Saturday, 3 September 2011

My Poems Nightblue

My Poems Nightblue 

MonotypePaintings on paper, August and September 2011
by Pit Becker paintmyblues, PIT BECKER ARTwork

She loves to sit at the coast
                         in the middle of the night. . . 

. . . watching the Sea . . .

 She loves the sounds of the night, when dancing waves sing their blues

Seabirds fall in love with nine chords in B-Minor

An ancient wooden boat comes passing by, groaning under the moon, 

             searching for men

                                                             some screaming seagulls


             and there were signs, written in the sky

                                                                       sent with the wind from a far away friend 

and she hears the Sea cries . . .
the Sea cries for the fallen . . . at distant shores there is a revolution . . .



. . . She loves this endless nightblue sky . . .

                                                   and when the moon turns green . . .

Painting and text by Pit Becker paintmyblues.

© by Pit Becker paintmyblues, PIT BECKER ARTwork, All rights reserved.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

"Why don't we think a little more, eh?"

Una mujer chilena habla -
A Chilean woman speaks

Source/Copyright: "
Mujer de Chile habla a Policías del Mundo - English, Italiano"
by channel "99thminer, published 15.06.2011, via YouTube.
The words are cited from the english subtitles in the video.

Valparaíso, Chile, 21 mayo 2011

"Why are you always with the governments? Why are you always with the strong?
Is it that you were born rich? Is it that you were born powerful?

If you are here, it's because you were born as poor as we are.
And you are there to earn a meal. Meal that we all pay for! 
Why don't you think a little?
We are poor. People are angry. They are outraged!
And you are sent here to crack down and to provoke so the stones come out.
And it shows to the world. And you feel happy... in the defense of the traitor governments!
Since all these governments we have had... are traitor governments, gentlemen.
They have betrayed us. They promise us and then they deceive us and laugh.
And they live like princes, all these rulers.
They live like kings, while we are suffocated with debts and problems.
And you, you defend the powerful. My God! How sad! My God! How sad!

I have reached old age and I'll die with this sadness inside me.
This sadness of seeing how they put Chilean against Chilean... poor against poor.

My God! My God! Why don't you react? Why don't you think a little?

You are being used in the same way they are using us.

Here a banner puts: "stop violence"
Pacific, quiet people wanting to manifest themselves and say: We're angry;
we're not accordant with what they are doing.
The powerful are doing whatever they want! They take from us, they abuse us and they steal from us.

Can we stay happy? We have to go out. And we want to go out by peaceful means but you...
you are sent here to provoke us. 

Do you feel angry? What should we do? My God! My God!

Why aren't we a little more humane? Why don't we think a little more, eh?
Political parties don't matter here, political parties don't matter here.
Colors and flags don't matter. What matters is that we are non conforming.
I can say: "I don't need a meal... I don't need a bed nor need I a roof". But I was born in a garage.
I grew up and I was educated among stumbles.
And I don't want anything else than a meal, a roof and a clean bed
And I want to die in peace. But I feel angry, like many other...
... who were born in poverty and will die in poverty and in repression.
And that's not fair, gentlemmen. That's not fair.
And you, you too, most of you were born as poor as I were...
and now, thanks to those uniforms that are paid by all of us...
Because those uniforms and that, and this, all this gentlemen... comes out from our taxes.
Because we the poor work. Because we live like the poor... in shacks, in garages like I did for ten years...
to pay for this, and this, to pay for the tear gas... to pay for the police cars. 
My God!"

¡Muchas gracias!,
mujer desconocida en Valparaíso, para - actuar - y para tus palabras!

Thank you so much,
unknown woman in Valparaiso, for - take action - and for your words!

¡Muchas gracias! thank you unknown "99thminer" for publishing this video inclusive subtitles at YouTube! 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Mi hija - My daughter

Dedicado a las madres y las hijas de Ciudad Juárez, que perdió a sus seres queridos -
Dedicated to the Mothers and Daughters of Ciudad Juárez who lost their dearest.

para - for
Cristina, Barbara. Consuela, Rosaria, María, Irene, Josefina, Marisela, Lilia, Miriam, Edith, Guadalupe, Alejandra, Ana, Gloria, Alma, Irma, Conchita, Érika, Silvia, Claudia, Dinora, Isabel, Daniela, Adriana, Veronica, Griselda, Julieta, Samanta, Hilda, Liliana, Marisol, Elena, Catalina, Marta . . .

paintmyblues, Lunes, 25 de octubre 2010

Mi hija

Oigo su risa
Huelo su fragancia
Los oigo hablar
Los veo sonriendo
Oigo cantar
Los veo bailar
Siento tu abrazo

Tenía los ojos hermosos
Ella prefería las rosas
Ella respeten la naturaleza
Ella quería ser médico
Ella cantaban todos los días
Ella hicieron bien en la escuela
Ella bailó siempre, ella le encantaba bailar

Buenos días, mamá!
Hola mamá!
Buenas noches, mamá!

Mamá, necesito zapatos!
Mamá, este es un bonito vestido!
Mamá, voy a jugar con Rosaria.
Mamá, lo cerca que la Luna es hoy!
Mamá, eres tan hermoso!
Mamá, mira, he pintado hoy en la escuela.
Mamá, Tengo que ir a trabajar! Hasta luego!
Mamá, estoy mucho en mi cumpleaños!
Mamá, vamos, soy ayudaré!
Mamá, ¡felicitaciones!
Mamá, ¡Te quiero!

Oigo tu risa
Huelo tu fragancia
Oigo tu voz
Te veo sonreír
Te oigo cantar
Te veo bailar
Siento tu abrazo

Mi hija,
cuando cierro mis ojos, te veo
Te veo con los ojos abiertos
todos los días

Mi hija,
siempre estás en mi corazón

Mi hija
Te quiero

My daughter

I hear her laughter
I smell her scent
I hear her speak
I see her smile
I hear her sing
I see her dancing
I feel her embrace

She had beautiful eyes
She loved roses
She respected the nature
She wanted to be a doctor
She sang every day
She did well in school
She danced always, she loved to dance

Good morning, Mom!
Hi Mom!
Good night, Mama!

Mama, I need shoes!
Mom, this is a pretty dress!
Mama, I will play with Rosaria.
Mama, how close the moon is today!
Mom, you're so beautiful!
Mama, look, what I have painted today at school.
Mama, I have to go to work! See you later!
Mama, I'm looking forward to my birthday so much!
Mama, come on, I'll give you a hand!
Mama, congratulations!
Mama, I love you!

I hear your laughter
I smell your scent
I hear your voice
I see you smile
I hear you sing
I see you dancing
I feel your embrace

My daughter,
when I close my eyes, I see you
I see you with open eyes
every day

My daughter,
You are always in my heart

My daughter
I love you

Meine Tochter

ich höre ihr Lachen
ich rieche ihren Duft
ich höre sie sprechen
ich sehe sie lächeln
ich höre sie singen
ich sehe sie tanzen
ich fühle ihre Umarmung

sie hatte wunderschönen Augen
sie liebte Rosen
sie achtete die Natur
sie wollte einmal Ärztin werden
sie sang jeden Tag
sie lernte gut in der Schule
sie tanzte immer, sie liebte es zu tanzen

Guten Morgen, Mama!
Hallo Mama!
Gute Nacht, Mama!

Mama, ich brauche Schuhe!
Mama, das ist ein hübsches Kleid!
Mama, ich werde mit Rosaria spielen.
Mama, wie nah der Mond heute ist!
Mama, du bist so schön!
Mama, schau, das habe ich heute in der Schule gemalt.
Mama, ich muß zur Arbeit gehen! bis später!
Mama, ich freue mich so sehr auf meinen Geburtstag!
Mama, komm, ich helfe dir!
Mama, herzlichen Glückwunsch!
Mama, ich habe dich lieb!

Ich höre dein Lachen
Ich rieche deinen Duft
Ich höre deine Stimme
Ich sehe dich lächeln
Ich höre dich singen
Ich sehe dich tanzen
Ich fühle deine Umarmung

Meine Tochter,
wenn ich meine Augen schließe, dann sehe ich dich
ich sehe dich mit offenen Augen
jeden Tag

meine Tochter,
du bist immer in meinem Herzen

meine Tochter
ich liebe dich

Lyric and Painting by Pit Becker paintmyblues


Copyright © by Pit Becker paintmyblues, PIT BECKER ARTwork

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Profundo Sur

Profundo sur - tu sonrisa ...

Collage, 9-10 de abril 2011
dedicada a C.

Painting by Pit Becker paintmyblues

Copyright © by Pit Becker paintmyblues, PIT BECKER ARTwork, 2011

Monday, 4 April 2011

Someday we will meet among the olive trees

we will meet among the olive trees
in a free Palestine . . . 




There is space enough

There is hope

The same source 

someday . . .

the day will come . . .                                               
we will meet among the olive trees

in a free Palestine . . .                              

Shukran to Amal and Elizabeth for inspiration!

Paintings and Photos by Pit Becker paintmyblues
Copyright © by Pit Becker paintmyblues, PIT BECKER ARTwork, 2010, 11 August 2013
All Rights reserved.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


She - between the worlds

Photomontage, 2010.
This project could unfortunately not be realized.

Copyright Photo and Painting
© by Pit Becker paintmyblues, PIT BECKER ARTwork, 2010