Monday, 10 June 2013

Solidarity with the Egyptian Ballet

updated June 10, 2013 - 9:10 p.m.

Protesters on their ballet shoes
Dancers perform Zorbas in the streets as an act of protest
Published Monday, June 10, 2013 by DAILY NEWS, Egypt

#OccupyMinCulture : Street Ballet
Published Monday, June 10, 2013 by Zeinobia, Egyptian Chronicles, Egypt
at twitter: @Zeinobia

Egyptian artists plan daily events in culture ministry occupation
Published Friday 7 Jun 2013 by ahram online, Egypt

‘Indecent’ ballet? Egyptian Islamist lawmaker angers dancers
Published Saturday, 1 June 2013 by Al Arabiya English, Egypt

My Solidarity with the Egyptian Ballet
                                                                                                  Monday June 10, 2013

What do those, who currently attack the Egypt Ballet and the ballet dancers
know about art and artists?,
what do they know about Ballet, about the work of a Ballet dancer,
about the work of a ballet compagnie?
It seems they are not interested to know about.
They have their prejudices, their own extreme narrow view,
that's all for to justify intolerance and to slander Ballet and the ballet dancers,
to discredit them and in the end to criminalize them!

What do religous leaders, politicians know about art, about human rights, about DIGNITY ?
What do
religous leaders, politicians know about the real needs of the people? 

And if so, 
do they respect the people, do they respect the human rights of the people,
do they engage for the people's needs?

Can someone of government, of a religious institution,
who see only his own faith as the only true at all,
be representative of an ethnic group, or even speak for all people of the country?
Can humans who are extreme religious or fanatic religious, be representatives of people of a country,
when the citizens of the country believe in different religions - or believe in none?

In my opinion has nobody, no "leader", no government, no regime
the right to charge a religion as a state religion - 

this enables and supports intolerance and racism.

No government, no "leader", no party, no "specialist",
no religious institution has the right to judge about art
and artists' work or to censor, to ban ...

I remember how often I heard the word "Dignity" spoken out by Egyptians
in the days of the downfall of dictator Mubarak.
Dignity. Dignity of man.

To dance, to dance ballet, to express feelings, emotions, thoughts with the human body
is not easy and needs a lot of courage, self-conscience, a strong character,
self-discipline and very hard training etc. etc.
I have very much respect for every dancer!!!
They dance with their heartblood, so to speak. 

Their dance is at the same time respect of the human body, 
respect of the soul, 
reflections of their souls ... their dance has to do with dignity!

The people are able to make their own experience,
they need not to be teached by gov-members nor religious leaders.
Go to the streets and join the ballet dancers protest,
speak with the artists,
and - I hope that you'll do - please, listen to your hearts!!!  ...

Artists are humans.
We are nothing special - but at the same time we are special.
We are as special as every human being!!!

We defend the freedom of art, the freedom of ballet,
the freedom to dance and the freedom of expression!

My whole sympathy is with you, Egyptian ballet dancers!
In deep appreciation of your art and of your protest,
for the freedom of art,

for the freedom of ballet
and for the freedom of expression,
for our all dignity!

in solidarity

Pit Becker paintmyblues
Visual Artist, Painter
at twitter @paintmyblues