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My tribute for Bianca Jagger, WHRD

This is my tribute for Bianca Jagger, Women Human Rights Defender.

As a support for Bianca I wrote this
and posted it in theguardian on 9 March 2016

against the many misogynistic and sexist "comments", made by men, 
on the comments section of the article: 
Bianca Jagger: ‘We should embark on a non-violent revolution’
by Emine Saner, published in theguardian Monday 7 March 2016.

Pit Becker paintmyblues 

For Bianca Jagger

It was january, 30/31, 2011, when I found Bianca Jagger 
at twitter @BiancaJagger.

In the following time I learned a lot of the activities of Human Rights Defender Bianca Jagger.
And there's a lot to learn by her until today.

Bianca Jagger is engaged in many issues. I am impressed by the way how Bianca Jagger engages 
for this planet and all its creatures, for those people who have no voice, who are not heard, 
for the oppressed people in the world, for animals and rivers, rainforests, parks ...

It is not enough for her to focus on one subject. It is necessary to care for more if we want 
to change something. She mention this again and again in her interviews, statements: 
"These issues may seen unrelated but their causes and some of their solutions are interconnected."
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Her work is passionate. 

Bianca Jagger speak out for girls, women, mothers, for the victims of physical, domestic and 
sexual violence in marriage, career, society ...
She advocates for their rights, for gender equality, for women's rights, for the right to education, 

to self-determination, against Honour killings, female genital mutilation ...
She calls for an end to all violence against women and girls on all levels, to end misogyny, 

sexism on all levels ...
and to stop rape as a weapon of war ... to stop "the culture of impunity".

She speak out against warmongers, against warlords, against those who spread hatred,
against nuclear arms, against war, she engages for understanding and mutual respect, for peace.

Her work is inspiring. 

Supporting amnesty international and different NGO's, Bianca Jagger calls
for freedom of expression, 

for the freedom of press,
for freedom of political prisoners,
she demand to stop torture and to abolish death penalty,
and she struggles against all forms of dictatorship
for the observance of human rights, for democracy and freedom.

Her work is encouraging.

Bianca Jaggger struggles for healthy eating, for transparency because we have a right to know 
what we eat, against gen-modified food, against fracking ...

Bianca Jagger shows that the subject environment and health in Amazonia are inseparable from 
the struggle for women's rights, children's rights, indigenous peoples rights, the fight against genocide ... 

Bianca Jagger writes for Huffington Post, e.g. "The future we want", she travels 
e.g. to the Xingu River in Amazonia, to give support to stop the belo monte dam ...
e.g. she writes from Lima, Peru, about the 20th Conference of Parties (COP) "At the Heart 

of COP20: Loss and Damage".

Her work gives hope.

Bianca Jagger supports campaigns of indigenous people and of NGO's to stop the destruction 
of the rainforest in Amazonia, to stop the poisoning of earth and water, to stop mega-dams 
which bring destruction, poisoning, expulsion, to protect indigenous peoples, to stop the repression 
and extermination of indigenous peoples in connection therewith.

Her commitment to protect earth, water and peoples is not only in Amazonia and Nicaragua.
Bianca Jagger also supports the struggle for the protection of the Walton Hall Park in Liverpool, 

to save this green space for the people from destruction.

She founded "The Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation" which makes a great impact 
for all human rights defenders and for all oppressed human beings.

Tireless is her engagement. 

She speaks to people, politicians, governments, scientists, NGO's across the world.
She is present at facebook, at twitter.

Her engagement is on countless levels, seemingly endless. I wonder, when does she take time for sleep.
She struggle against discrimination and racism, against apartheid.

She does not sit in an ivory tower, she is an activist in word and action, for women's rights, 
for our all human rights, for the preservation of the rainforest, against Genocide, 
for peace and for freedom ...
for the dignity of mankind she goes to the streets.

From suppressers she demands the observance of human rights, she calls to respect human dignity. 
Bianca Jagger risks her life.

“That was a really important moment in my life because I understood that a small act of courage, 
a small act of being a witness could make a difference.”

Yes, Bianca Jagger makes a difference!!!

Bianca Jagger is absolutely upright and authentic. She gives inspiration, encouragement, hope ...

Thank you so much Shukran Merci Grazie Danke Muchas gracias dear Bianca for your tireless, 
passionate struggle! Keep your magnificent work!

Ich bin sehr froh, daß es Sie gibt, I am very glad that you exist, Bianca!

Pit Becker

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