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End sexual harassment

updated 28 January 2013

Testimony from a Survival of Gang Rape on Tahrir Square Vicinity
26 Jan 2013 by @NazraEgypt
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سأحكي حكايتي التي تشبه الكثير من الحكايات، حكايتي أنا وأنتي، أنا وأنتي نعرف إننا انتهكنا، إننا اغتصبنا
26 Jan 2013 by @NazraEgypt
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NAZRA for Feminist Studies, Egypt
Nazra at twitter @NazraEgypt

Why Not ? | ليه لأ ؟ 

Imprint movement, Cairo, Egypt
at twitter: @Imprint_Mov 


mapping sexual harassment
in Egypt through SMS reporting, Cairo, Egypt.
at twitter: @harassmap

Harassment Exhibition

 Enough / كفايه

30 june - 20 august 2012
at Darb 1718, Contemporary Art & Culture Center,
in collaboration with HarassMap, Cairo, Egypt.

18-19-06-2012, MonotypePainting on paper, 100x70 cms.
Darb 1718, Contemporary Art & Culture Center, Cairo.

16 artists from Egypt, Tunisia, Serbia and Germany participated in this Exhibition.
With our works we speak out to bring an end to the daily sexual harassment.

After the exhibition my works remain in Cairo as a donation.

 Respect us!
18-19-06-2012, MonotypePainting on paper, 100x70 cms.
Darb 1718, Contemporary Art & Culture Center, Cairo.

"... an egyptian man tweeted that it would not be the right time for the women in Egypt to go to the streets and demand their rights. I do not agree with this guy. 
And I remember a woman's reply, saying HOW LONG shall we wait when we listen to others?, and she said that the women do not wait - and the women and mothers took the streets for demand their rights !

This exhibition did not wait, we artists did not wait, in these election times of choosing between the One or the Other, with no clear statement for future regards all the political prisoners and in face of the continuing crimes against women, girls, in view of the daily sexual harassment. We did not wait - and we do not wait - we go on - together, women and men, sons, daugthers, mothers and fathers.

This exhibition is one step in our long march for to bring an end to sexual harassment - it is a long and stony road, with many walls, but we go it together and we will not give up! ..."

(Excerpt from my greetings to the visitors of the exhibition opening.)
The streets are our's, too!
 19-06-2012, MonotypePainting on paper, 70x100 cms.
Nazra for Feminist Studies, Egypt.

for Feminist Studies

Nazra for Feminist Studies, is a women's rights research organization based in Cairo.
Nazra aims to build an Egyptian feminist movement.
Nazra at twitter @NazraEgypt

Testimonies on the Recent Sexual Assaults on Tahrir Square Vicinity
"... Nazra for Feminist Studies is publishing three testimonies of women who were sexually assaulted by a mob on Mohammed Mahmoud Street on Saturday, 2 June. The collective sexual assault and harassment that took place on the vicinity of Tahrir Square on June 2 and 8, 2012 shed light on the gravity of sexual harassment and assault on Egyptian streets. Although the three testimonies do not account for the entirety of the brutality that many women experienced on that Saturday and the Friday after, they are one example that offers a window to the dynamics of mob sexual assault and harassment on those two days, which are not the first of its kind."


At the homepage of Nazra you'll find the links to read the whole testimonies in Arabic and in English.

End sexual harassment! 
23-24-06-2012, MonotypePainting on paper, 70x100 cms.
Nazra for Feminist Studies, Egypt.
Logo Nazra: Courtesy of Nazra for Feminist Studies, Egypt,

About Egyptian Women Engagement in the Revolution.
by Mozn Hassan

Mozn Hassan's speech at Hampshire College, March 2012. Eqbal Ahmad Lecture Series. via YouTube
Mozn Hassan is a lawyer, a Women Human Rights Defender, and director of Nazra.
Mozn Hassan at twitter: @Mozn 

Copyright © Nazra for Feminist Studies, Cairo, Egypt.
Courtesy: Nazra for Feminist Studies, Egypt,

19-20-06-2012, MonotypePainting on paper, 100x70 cms. 
Nazra for Feminist Studies, Egypt.

Slide-show of the Harassment-Exhibition
Copyright © by Darb 1718, Contemporary Art & Culture Centre,
Cairo, Egypt 2012. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy of Darb 1718. 

Video "Vocalising sexual harassment in Egypt",
incl. the Harassment Exhibition at Darb 1718 in Cairo,
by Al Jazeera English, 3 june 2012. 
via YouTube

Darb 1718
Contemporary Art and Culture Center

Kasr El Sham3 Street, Al Fakhareen – Old Cairo, Cairo, Egypt. Nearest Metro Station : Mary Girgis
Opening Hours: Saturday – Thursday 10:00–22:00 and Friday 16:00 – 22:00  

© by Pit Becker paintmyblues,
PIT BECKER ARTwork, 2012, 2013.

All Rights Reserved. 


  For Shahd 
2011, MonotypePainting on paper, 100x70 cms

Little Yemeni girl, 5 years old, killed during the uprising, 2011.
Rest in Peace, Shahd!

For Hamza
4 june 2011, pastel-crayon on paper, 31,4x22 cms

Hamza Ali Al-Khateeb
Oct 24 1997 - May 2011

Hamza, a 13 year old Syrian boy, was detained on April 29, 2011,
during a protest march in Daraa. After he was brutally tortured and killed,
his dead body was send to his family on May 25, 2011.

It was told, that Hamza was not interested in politics.
But for the rally for freedom, to break the siege of Daraa,
he had accompanied his family.

Hamza enjoyed swimming and he loved watching his homing pigeons fly.

Rest in Peace, Hamza!

© by Pit Becker paintmyblues,
PIT BECKER ARTwork, 2013.

All Rights Reserved.