Saturday, 3 September 2011

My Poems Nightblue

My Poems Nightblue 

MonotypePaintings on paper, August and September 2011
by Pit Becker paintmyblues, PIT BECKER ARTwork

She loves to sit at the coast
                         in the middle of the night. . . 

. . . watching the Sea . . .

 She loves the sounds of the night, when dancing waves sing their blues

Seabirds fall in love with nine chords in B-Minor

An ancient wooden boat comes passing by, groaning under the moon, 

             searching for men

                                                             some screaming seagulls


             and there were signs, written in the sky

                                                                       sent with the wind from a far away friend 

and she hears the Sea cries . . .
the Sea cries for the fallen . . . at distant shores there is a revolution . . .



. . . She loves this endless nightblue sky . . .

                                                   and when the moon turns green . . .

Painting and text by Pit Becker paintmyblues.

© by Pit Becker paintmyblues, PIT BECKER ARTwork, All rights reserved.