Monday, 3 October 2016

A Letter to River Nile

                                                                    Amazonia, October 2, 2016

My dear brother Nile!

Peace be with you!
Wishing your water is clean and you are as beautiful as ever!
You are loved by the People of Egypt, your water give life and joy
"Agua es vida" ... water is life ...

You know that my rivers are uncountable and that the Amazonia region
is unique on Mother Earth.
In our fight for survival we need support urgently!
Yes, I need your help, my brother!


There is a systematic, daily, permanent destruction of rainforest.
This affects all life in the rainforest:
threatened are the earth, water, plants, animals and humans.

Poisoning and contamination of our rivers by oil companies,
and by gold seekers who poison our rivers with Quecksilver.
Results of these are deadly diseases, e.g. cancer,
as well as violence and criminality.

Destruction due to money-greed,
deforestation by corporations of timber industry,
senseless slashing and burning,
the construction of dams and hydroelectric power stations.

To enforce this destruction, without any respect for nature and violating
the dignity of the people, the perpetrators have backing from governments.
There's systematic, daily, permanent and violent oppression of our Indigenous Tribes,
destruction of their homes, eviction from their homeland, also Genocides of tribes,
and murder of single humans, groups, Peoples by Militias, mercenaries, gunmen/pistoleiros,
police and military.


Without water there's no life on Mother Earth!
I call you for solidarity and support, my dear brother!
The Crimes against Humanity and against Mother Earth must be stopped!
Together we protect our rivers, we protect all life in Amazonia, we protect Mother Earth!

Much love from Amazonia,
your sister Amazonas

Note por favor:
mi arte-proyecto
AMAZONIA ¡Viva la vida!
todavía está en marcha.

La exposición sigue pronto

Please notice: 
my art-project
 AMAZONIA ¡Viva la vida! 
is still in progress.
The exhibition follows soon

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