Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Dignity of Man is unimpeachable!

in remembrance of

all victims of intolerance

1993, MonotypePainting on paper, 100x70 cms


The cruelties of human life I can not ignore.
I am a human being. A human being who is a painter.
My artwork is inspired by this blue planet.
All life on this planet, Nature, Humans and Animals in all their beauty
influence my artwork.

Constantly human beings destroy nature and human life on this planet.
Their reasons are many: money, power, megalomania, intolerance, racism ...
Daily violence, rape, torture, wars, massacres, genocides,
crimes and destruction of nature and homes ...
all this terror, all this killing I can not ignore.
I am also responsible  . . .

Everyone has the right to speak out!

Yes, I have a voice,

and I say

honour killings must end, stop the intolerance,

end sexual harassment and rape,
women must have the same rights as men,

. . .
It's up to everyone to speak out for peace and say "No" to war!,

it's up to everyone not to join an army,
drones are terror and they create more terror,

the support of dictatorregimes, warlords, mercenaries must be stopped,
No military trials for Civilians, no dictatorship,

. . . 
Stop the inhumane treatment of refugees,
. . .
stop belo monte dam,
stop corruption,

stop megalomaniac and inhuman politics,
the destruction of nature has got to stop!,
the killing of people because of construction projects has to stop!,
Indigenous people and their rights must be respected!
. . .

Respect minorities independent from their origin and faith, 
an isolated life in containers is no "proper housing", this is inhuman,
. . .
the death penalty must be abolished worldwide,
. . .
No faith and nothing justifies the torture and killing of people,
Nothing justifies the imprisonment, torture, killing of children,
it is more than a shame that for many children the road is their home.
. . .
It was hard work to create the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
We must defend them together!,

. . .

 Unfinished, as the Egyptian and Tunisian Revolution
Acrylic paint on canvas, April 2013, 120x80 cms
The daily racism, intolerance and violence must end . . .
Our basic and universal human rights must be respected!

Every human being on this planet has the same rights!
We are all equal. We are all one family! 

It's up to everyone . . . There are many ways
to express feelings, thoughts, opinions ...

Nobody and nothing can stop the spirit of freedom!

Pit Becker paintmyblues
21 april 2013

MonotypePainting on plastic plate, Feb 19 - March 5/6 1998, 57,5x60 cms


Remembering Victims of Honour Killings Worldwide.
Gone but not forgotten!

by Deeyah 

"Banaz Mahmod was brutally murdered by her own family, 
in an honour killing.
This film tells Banaz’s story, in her own words, for the first
time – and tells the story of the extraordinary police team
who refused to give up, and finally brought her killers to justice."

Courtesy of Deeyah Khan.
Copyright © by Deeyah Khan.
All rights reserved by Deeyah Khan.


Honour Based Violence Awareness Network

"HBVA is an international digital resource centre working to advance awareness through research, documentation, information and training for professionals who may encounter women, girls and men at risk, building partnerships with experts, activists, and NGOs from around the world."

Source: Deeyah Khan
Courtesy of Deeyah Khan.

I Have a Voice

I HAVE A VOICE is a grassroots campaign and advocacy initiative 

started by and for people who are committed to the struggle for 
human rights, equality, freedom of expression and peace.
A primary focus of I HAVE A VOICE is violence against women.
I HAVE A VOICE is about using your voice for positive change.

Join us and declare your support by including your voice!

Source: Deeyah Khan
Courtesy of Deeyah Khan.



Deeyah Khan is a Norwegian/Pakistani/Afghan
Music producer, filmmaker and activist.

Founder of social purpose music and film company @fuusemedia and organisation @avaprojects

Deeyah is also an excellent chanteuse.

"Pashto Lullaby"
via YouTube

Courtesy of Deeyah Khan.

My deepest thanks go to Deeyah!

Sources / Copyright 
© by Deeyah Khan, as mentioned above
© by Pit Becker paintmyblues,
PIT BECKER ARTwork, 2013, 2014.

All Rights Reserved.