Friday, 4 November 2016

صبر Geduld

Welcome to my world of small exercises and works
with Arabic signs and words.

Unfortunately I could not make it to learn to speak Arabic,
except to learn to speak a few words ...
so I started to learn to write the signs,
and then learning to write words and sentences.

These works I created from August 2015 to October 2016.

"Amal" was the first word that I learned to write in Arabic.
Amal is a name for women and means "hope", in german: "Hoffnung".

The Arabic word "صبر" means patience, "Geduld" in german.
There were many situations when patience was urgently needed . . .
That's why I learned to write it.


Minze, Zimt, Safran, Tee, Kaffee
Mint, cinnamon, saffron, tea, coffee


again and again: patience . . .
immer wieder: Geduld . . .

Safran, Zimt, Minze
Saffron, cinnamon, mint



نعم ... لا
Ja ... Nein - Yes ... No

Honig - honey

جدة ... جد
Großmutter ... Großvater - grandmother ... grandfather

Gegen den Krieg - Against the war

Freiheit - freedom

شكرا My thanks go to my friends
for inspiration, learning, patience, sharing time ...

Especially I want to thank you, Rasha, for your esteem of my works
and for your encouragement to continue to learn and to create.

Peter بيتر

Friday, Nov 4, 2016

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