Friday, 31 August 2012


Yemen. Far away country. I've never been in Yemen.

1991, in the night of 5th to the 6th January, I found in a magazine a photograph of Sanaa.
I viewed it for a while - and I wanted to know more about the country, its people and its nature.

Then I made this little sketch of it. First I colored the paper of my sketch-pad with black tea,
then I made the sketch with felt pen.

In the following years I saw wonderful photographs from Yemen, wonderful nature, beautiful people,
gorgeous handicrafts, magnificent architecture ...

but at the same time I learned about the misery

A lack of water ... High unemployment ... death by starvation ... death because of poverty  ...

and then
the people protested peaceful, marched for their demands ...
it was shocking to see the answers by the regime:
ignorance, oppression, violence - and death ...

another evil: Death by drones ...



Yemen. I still was not there.
Far away country, but in-between it is so close to me.

Let us break the silence. Support Yemen - For Freedom, Justice, Dignity

31 August 2012

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Sanaa, 1991, Felt pen and black tea on paper, 34x50 cms.
Copyright © by Pit Becker paintmyblues, PIT BECKER ARTwork, 1991, 2012.
All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Spirit of Freedom


The spirit of freedom is like the free wind - nothing and nobody can stop him!
Storm Mountains, 2008, Acrylic on canvas. 

Copyright © by Pit Becker paintmyblues, PIT BECKER ARTwork, 2008
Lyric © by Pit Becker paintmyblues, PIT BECKER ARTwork, 2011, 2012
All Rights Reserved.